Meng Biography

Hi everyone, my name is Meng. I like bull dogs; America muscle cars; hot pot and girls with short hair. My favorite color is black, withe. My favorite pattern is camouflage. I like listen to music that can makes me feel at peace. I enjoy hiking and jogging. I love making new friends. Here is how I got into tattooing, I like to share.

When I was 21 years old I decide to get my first tattoo, I was watching the artist set up. When the ink went into my skin, I can see a picture show up. The pain I experience was Zen like. I start thinking why people want get tattoos. From that moment, I was fascinated about tattoos. One day, I met a girl who had 25 small word tattoos. She said each of them represent things that she regretted and her goals. At that moment, I realized tattoos are not just for beauty, but also represent where you've been and where you want to go.

In 2014, Master Hailin Fu opened the studio in west Hollywood. I went to him for my second tattoo. During our session we talked a lot about tattoos. From there, I decide to quit my sales job and learn from him. Thankfully, Master Hailin took me under his wing.

I still remember the first and most important lesson Master Hailin taught me which is never ever mess up people's skin. People trust you, so they let you do their tattoo, and your work will go everywhere with them. You have to treat people's skin like yours. I will never forget this.

For me, there are always a story behind each tattoo. Tattoos are the only art that people can bring with them when they die.